My name is Rosie and I am proud to be the founder of Lost Gardén Skin Care. I am glad you are here to read my story as you want to take care of your skin, more importantly, you have special perspective on this noisy beauty world.

I didn’t have a smooth ride into entrepreneurship. My father was a herbalist and my mom was a housewife. We grew 30+ medicinal herbs in our own backyard and we kept tons of oriental medicine books. So throughout my childhood I had the opportunity to spend time in our library losing myself in the texts relating to the use of plants in medicine and healing. Back to then, a lot of things were beautifully handmade with a heart. Plants, flowers, herbs and nature have always been an obsession for me.

My childhood had been happy until my father died of cancer when I was 8. I had to grow up overnight. I started doing some housework after school , e.g. cooking, cleaning, laundry, feeding chickens and ducks, taking care of the plants for my mom as she did two part time jobs to make the ends meet. We sold the vegetables and fruits produced in our backyard and handmade lotions and creams in local farmer's market. It was a lot of fun and pleasure.

Then I wen to college. What followed was a corporate finance role for more than 10 years. I constantly questioned the ultimate meaning of the work I was doing. I did not want to be an overworked "yes girl" any more. In 2012, my second child was miscarried. As the majority of you, I didn't know what I didn't know. I never thought for a second those beauty products might be unsafe. Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it including the toxic ingredients: parabens, phthalates, sulphates, detergents, mineral oil, petrolatum.....

It was during that time that I got thinking about how I could build a passion business from scratch – simple, natural, clean, effective, no fillers, affordable skin care made of high-quality botanical ingredients, with enjoyable user experience, a business that draws from, and gives back to, Nature. I decided to scratch my entrepreneurial itch by doing what I love and what I am good at.

After 3 years of extensive study, research and numerous failures,  in collaboration with dermatologists and skincare experts, Lost Gardén Skin Care was launched......

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