Where are your products made?

All Lost Gardén products are formulated and made in USA. 


Do you test on animals?

We do not test on animals, but we test on real people. All products are cruelty-free.


Are your products natural and vegan?

We are sourcing high-quality natural ingredients as much as possible. However, mother nature doesn't always provide everything that we need to keep our skin beautiful and young. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes synthetic ingredients. Some good synthetic ingredients are organic chemicals made in a laboratory and having them in our skincare gives our skin the boost it needs to have beautiful, clear skin. For example: Retinol, Peptides, AHAs, Vitamin C, etc. Our products do not contain animal components, they are vegan.


What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products have a shelf life of 12 months after opening and have a 24-month lifespan when remain sealed. However, please keep them out of direct sunlight and heat in order to stay fresher longer.


Why don't your skin care products have carton packaging?

The Earth loses 18.7 million acres of forests per year, and 40% of the world’s commercially cut timber is used for the production of paper.We make every effort to save the environment and avoid unnecessary waste, so no cartons are provided for our skin care products. Also, we do not want to pass the packaging cost to customers. The less paper we use, the less trees are cut down. Our products are packaged in 100% recyclable and reusable glass bottles and jars. Every little bit in our everyday life counts.